Our Story
victorhussenot loves to do what it does – produce unique products in small batches, with thorough consideration and attention to every detail. Since then, our product range has expanded from shoes to bags, ready-to-wear and accessories. Creativity is at the heart of what we do, and we always think in iconic terms about the new designs we can offer our customers.
In this beautiful, sunny space, we design the items we want to wear. We understand the needs of our customers because we are our customers – people who lead busy lives who want to invest in quality products that will take us from school drop-offs to conferences to evening events and everything in between. We design products to be loved and lived in for seasons and years to come.
We have dedicated ourselves to craft, honing our expertise in accessory making and expressing our creativity through signature designs that convey our unique aesthetic. We believe in creating very personalized products with a unique point of view that allow our customers to express their hearts with confidence. Nothing makes us prouder than to see so many of our clients choose to conduct important interviews, special events or even their weddings.
We are just as passionate about helping our clients find the perfect fit. Come in for proper measurements, consult on styling or book a bridal appointment, and choose shoes for your special day. We even offer custom engraving on the footbeds to commemorate important occasions.
Our Process
Steps in making each pair of signature heels
We believe designs should be unique and original. Each season, we cut, sew, stitch, and use our beautiful materials to create new details never before seen. During the design process of each collection, we create an average of 40 hand-painted models. Each pair of heels has over 400 pleats. In fact, each pair of heels has 28 individual steps – from the fabric to the pleats to each hand-tied knot. Beautiful handmade items take time to make. That’s one of the reasons we make small batches and want to sell out every season.
Every hand touches every product from sketch to finished product.
So many team members are involved in the creation of each product, from our design team to our fitting models, technical experts, factory technicians, to our sales and marketing team, all the way to our customer service specialists who personally try on each style season to advise our customers on style and fit.
Fit is very important to us. We try on each style and make minor corrections an average of 3 times per season, based on input from our fitting models and our technical experts who have been in the industry for 50 years. We recently expanded our size range and now have 15 sizes in total, from size 5 all the way up to size 12, full and half sizes. We like to be able to offer a larger range of sizes so that more customers can enjoy our products.
Our responsibilities

  1. Only make what we need
  2. Sourcing our materials responsibly
  3. Support workers
  4. Reduce waste
  5. Work with experts